The BeingShe Club membership offers a unique opportunity for women seeking to grow their personal and professional network, empowering them to connect, collaborate, and learn from a like-minded group of individuals through hosting numerous networking conferences and lifestyle events.

Amazing very classy and well-organised event. The organizers are so nice and helpful and they always make sure to make the event in fantastic venues. They are friendly to everyone and want to make the best of everything. I really enjoyed participating and thankful of being chosen by the jury.

– Rafa Tom

Absolutely loved the event. Thank you for setting up this platform to showcase and appreciate talents across the region and organizing it well.

– Libina Velayudhan

I just attended BeingShe Breast Cancer awareness session it was very informative and helpful. Got to know much about the experienced Breast cancer survivor, Doctor, and yoga instructor.

– Niharika Sharma

Attended the Gulf Women in Business conference today and felt amazed. The way BeingShe is working for the cause of women’s empowerment is incredible. Thank you Aparna and team to include me as a host in today’s event. It was my all-time dream to host this kind of prestigious event. Wish this organization great success. Bravo ladies ???

– Rimsha farhan

Great community of women especially passionate entrepreneurs. Amazing networking opportunity.

– Priya M Nair

Exclusive Events & Work

Diverse, exclusive and industry
specific networking events

Members B2B & B2C Network

Connect with like minded individuals through and exclusive networking platform.

Business & Personal Development

Exclusive invites to 10 yearly conferences for business & professional development and lifestyle meetups for
personal growth.

Speaking Opportunities

Personal PR by Speaking at exclusive events,
designed to engage participants, industry experts and thought leaders.

Media Feature

Members/Businesses feature on BeingShe website and social media for engagement.


BeingShe Excellence Professional & Business Awards BeingShe Universe Fashion & Talent Show 1000 Women Initiative monthly conferences

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Young Leaders
AED 999

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AED 1499

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AED 4999

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all the

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is BeingShe Club?

BeingShe Club is a multinational networking platform for women seeking to expand their personal and professional network, gain mentorship and access to professional development opportunities, and receive media exposure.

Q: What benefits am I getting from BeingShe Club membership?

A website feature to showcase career achievements. Networking opportunities with experienced women in business. Mentorship opportunities with high-end professionals. Access to professional and personal development events. International exposure through red carpet events. Special discounts from affiliated brands and service providers.

Q: How can students benefit from joining the BeingShe Club?

Students can gain global exposure, expand their professional network, gain practical experience, foster creativity and problem-solving skills, prepare for global leadership roles, build their personal brand and online presence, access job and internship opportunities, and collaborate on community service projects and volunteer work.

Q: How does BeingShe Club support me as a woman?

Through mentorship, education, networking, and investment opportunities. The goal is to support 1000 women entrepreneurs annually with 10 conferences and promote sustainable business practices.

Q: What networking events does BeingShe Club host?

Monthly networking events like panel discussions, high tea, conferences, red carpet events, wellness sessions etc.

Q: What personal and professional exposure does BeingShe bring me?

Opportunities to speak at BeingShe conferences, which helps to develop your public speaking skills and increase exposure within your industry. Provides a community of like-minded individuals for collaboration and idea sharing. Help increase visibility and exposure and facilitate media exposure.

Q: What community and networking opportunities are available to students in the club?

Students can attend networking events with other young leaders and professionals in various industries, as well as conferences and events related to their field of interest for global exposure and community outreach work exposure. They can also connect with other young leaders, share ideas, and collaborate on projects through the community platform provided by the program.

Q: Am I eligible for BeingShe Club membership as a female?

Yes, if you are a woman over the age of 18 and residing in the UAE, seeking to grow your network, gain mentorship and development opportunities, and connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals, then you are eligible for BeingShe Club membership. BeingShe Club is designed to support women in business and entrepreneurship and welcomes members from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds.

Q: How can I join BeingShe Club?

By signing up on our website. By becoming a member, you’ll be able to enjoy red carpet events, 1000 women initiative and a supportive community of like-minded women.