Is Having a Gastric Balloon Really Worth It and Is it Expensive?

It is not a secret that the number of people affected by obesity is increasing every year. Losing excess weight can change your life, your energy levels, your self-confidence and so much more. If you’ve done your research and are ready to take this step towards a healthier body and lifestyle, you might be asking yourself, “Is having a gastric balloon worth it? And how much will it cost me?”

Compared to invasive, permanent surgeries like a gastric bypass or liposuction, a gastric balloon is temporary, cost-effective and does not carry the same risks as surgical procedures.

What’s more, the Allurion Balloon is also incredibly effective.
Multiple clinical studies have shown that patients with the Allurion gastric balloon lose on average 10–15% of their total body weight in just 16 weeks.

  1. Even more, our research has shown that 95% of average weight loss can be successfully sustained one year after the balloon exits the body
  2. Saving you money over the long term.

The cost of an Allurion gastric balloon includes the comprehensive Allurion Programme which is designed to support your journey and equip you with the tools and knowledge to adopt healthier eating and lifestyle habits, specifically covering:

  1. Ongoing medical support and expertise from pre-placement consultation to placement of the balloon to aftercare
  2. Individual nutrition coaching for 6 months, with a personalised and sustainable plan that fits your lifestyle while meeting your dietary needs
  3. Whole suite of digital tools — Allurion Connected Scale, Allurion Health Tracker and Allurion App — to help keep you motivated and accountable

Unlike some diets and subscription weight-loss services, there are no hidden or ongoing costs with an Allurion gastric balloon. There are no monthly fees and no special meals to buy every week.

The cost of the Allurion Programme will vary by location, clinic and other factors. Allurion works closely with

selected clinics around the world

to ensure that their Programme, including the Allurion Balloon, meets the needs of their patients and offers them the greatest support and chance of success.

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About The Allurion Program

Allurion’s Program is the world’s first and only weight loss device that requires no surgery, endoscopy, or anaesthesia. It is a swallowable pill that expands in the stomach to around the size of a grapefruit and allows patients to lose an average of 10 to 15% after approximately 16 weeks. Allurion’s Program combines its high-tech balloon solution with a full package of support to help its patients develop healthier lifestyle habits that can remain with them long after their balloon has gone. Patients benefit from six months of lifestyle change support from a trained nutritionist to ensure lasting lifestyle changes alongside an Allurion body composition scale, health tracker watch and mobile app.