Women tend to be reluctant to share their accomplishments that’s a fact Award-winning speaker and researcher Jo Miller states women have created an impression that it’s somehow sleazy to celebrate one’s excellence and achievements.

However, making your achievements visible is a vital advancement strategy in the corporate world, especially for women, who often need to go to greater lengths to prove their competence.

If you are considering applying for an award in 2023, you should research available awards for example the Emirates Women Award, BeingShe Excellence Awards, Global Awards, Women in Tech Global Awards, Global Women Leadership Conference & Awards, etc

Which Award is Good For You

An important point before submitting your application for an award. You must weigh the merits of each platform in terms of how your profile will get maximum reach. For example, if you are a recently published author and you would like more people to know you and to read your book(s), then submit your application for an award that comes with media exposure benefits pre and post-the award ceremony.

This might include radio interviews, magazine article features, newspaper articles, media mentions, red-carpet interviews, etc which quite frankly you would not be able to afford as an individual. Check how BeingShe Excellence Business and Professional Awards 2022 winners were covered by big media houses to celebrate their success.

What is BeingShe Excellence?

The BeingShe Excellence Female Award is set up to recognize and reward women who are making notable contributions in various industries around the globe. These women’s recognition awards are held annually in Dubai and are organized by the BeingShe Organization.

What Are The Categories For The Female Award?

The initiative recognizes and rewards talent amongst women from all over the globe across nine majors and their subcategories, i.e.,
1. Excellence in Business
2. Excellence in Arts
3. Excellence in Corporate
4. Excellence in Human Resources
5. Excellence in Media
6. Excellence in Philanthropy
7. Excellence in Wellness
8. Excellence in Health
9. Excellence in Sports & Fitness

How can I Apply For An Award of Excellence?

You can Nominate a Woman who inspires you to be more and do more. Self-nomination, and nominations from organizations, and associations are also accepted.

First Step – Go through our website to select the category which you would like to be considered for.

Second Step – Complete the online registration by submitting your detailed profile with achievements, success stories, client testimonials or feedback, previous awards received, etc

Third Step – Your profile will be submitted to the judging panel and will be evaluated based on the submitted materials as supporting evidence.

What Are The Benefits Of Winning An Award of Excellence

The initiative places female entrepreneurs, professionals, and artists center stage by elevating their profiles.

1. Print and Digital Media Coverage through newspaper and magazine article features, radio, and red-carpet interviews.
2. Personal Branding through media name mentions, high-profile photoshoots, special introductions through social media platforms, panelist speaking opportunities, etc
3. Grow Your Professional Network by networking with industry professionals on a global platform.
4. Boost Your Confidence by winning the prestigious BeingShe Excellence Award
5. Add Award-Winning To Your Title, this will make your profile stand out among your peers

With the most available awards, the hype dies at the awards ceremony with the recipient going home with a trophy in hand, however, BeingShe Organisation goes beyond for all female award recipients.

Applications for BeingShe Excellence Business and Professional Awards are currently open until 30 January 2023.

BeingShe is a women’s organization based in the United Arab Emirates with a focus on women’s empowerment. We achieve this through our action-driven initiatives: BeingShe Excellence Awards, BeingShe Club, She Talks, BeingShe Universe, and BeingShe Empowered Program. More information on our website www.beingshe.com, social platforms @beingsheofficial.

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